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How to Pack a Hospital Bag for Labour and Delivery


As you get closer to your delivery date, you should start thinking about what to take to the hospital with you to make your stay for labour and delivery and possibly a couple of days after for recovery as comfortable as possible.

It is always recommended that you have your hospital bag packed and ready well in advance to make sure all you need to do is pick up and go when the time comes to check in to the hospital. It is recommended that you pack your hospital bag and be ready to leave from the 36th week of your pregnancy as you can go into labour any time after that before your scheduled due date. Among several other items, you should also look to buy nursing tops which would be good to have if you plan on having visitors to see the baby and you, but are unable to postpone nursing your baby while they are around in the room.

You should plan on packing three sets of clothes – clothes for delivery, after giving birth and to wear when returning home from the hospital. Pack warm clothes that are loose-fitting to make things easier for you. A pair of socks will help you with the cold hospital floor as well as a set of comfy pyjamas. Pack a robe to present yourself well, should you have visitors after delivery. You can choose an open-front robe to make breastfeeding easier or opt for a nursing top if you plan to have visitors coming to see the baby and you. You may even want to consider a maternity hospital gown that is made for labour and delivery that can be worn instead of the stiff regular gown the hospital provides.If you plan on bottle-feeding your baby, then pack a nursing bra as you will be nursing soon after delivery.The last set of clothes is for the baby and you to wear when going home.

Remember to pack your ID and insurance card. Because you can’t have these pre-packed, leave a note on top of your hospital bag to remind you as it is easily missed when rushing out of the home to the hospital.

There are other essentials like your camera, your phone, and chargers you should pack. You may want to take some first-day pics of your baby with family and do some video recording. Just remember to pack all the accessories you will need like, batteries and memory cards etc.

Your toiletries for the duration of your stay are important. Think through what you would be using and pack these in your bag. Apart from the usual essentials, you may want a bit of makeup packed to look great for the camera and your visitors.

Pack some entertainment – games, magazines, books, music and so on to keep you company till the big moment arrives. Do not forget to pack some snacks, especially for the post-delivery time in the hospital.

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