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Becoming a Community Support Worker


If your heart is set on uplifting your community and making people’s lives better, becoming a community support worker may be ideal for you. There are many professionals and organisations that you will work alongside so that you can provide the best care for the people that need it.

Community support workers provide counselling to groups and individuals providing emotional support. They will also help a client find a community to support themselves when dealing with mental trauma or illness. There are many qualifications required to become a social worker. You will need to have first aid training and it is also good to have some practical experience or volunteering experience when it comes to community services. There are internships you can select to gain this practical experience. You can also follow a related course such as a mental health course and gain knowledge and qualifications through higher education. The role of a community support worker is multifaceted and they need to have compassion, good communication skills and the ability to organize.         

Education is the first thing you have to consider if you are set on the path to becoming a community support worker. Many of them have a bachelor’s degree and a small percentage of them have a master’s degree. It is also possible to become a community support worker with a high school degree provided that you have the experience to get you through the difficulties. You will also hear community support workers called social workers or welfare workers. They have a big impact on the community by focusing on the people that need care the most. Social workers help disabled people and elderly people gain a higher level of independence by helping with household chores, medication, employment, transportation and assisting them with social, emotional and physical needs. Community support workers are indispensable to the society as they take care of the overlooked people in the community and help make a big difference in their lives.

You can also take a diploma course in community services if you are serious about becoming a community support worker and this will give you much needed background when it comes to skills needed for full time employment. You will also gain experience through this. You can also obtain formal certification to jump start your carrier in this field. You can work under the supervision of others in order to get career related training. You can also work with many community service organisations. The training you undergo with this certification will help you carry out the responsibilities of a community support worker efficiently. And experience is very important when it comes to dealing with different situations. Once you go through a certification course, you will be able to secure an entry level position to get more job exposure. If you are looking to gain specialized skills, a diploma course will be a good starting point. But you have to get qualified by a recognized and reputed organization. Even with online education, you need to look for an education provider with accreditations and a good reputation.

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