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Basic Guide to Choosing Paint Colours for a Commercial Building


Choosing the colour for the exterior of your commercial building can be quite difficult. You can get the help of your architect and the marketing designer to come up with a colour that appropriately highlights the brand or the company. But if you are renting the building out to multiple companies, you will need to select one colour that will suit the majority of the businesses.

There are many considerations when it comes to choosing a colour and a professional will be able to give you much needed guidance at this time. Colours can stimulate certain emotions in people and this is something you will need to read about before you choose a colour. You can’t just choose a colour that you prefer; you need a reason for using that colour that will improve the value of the building in other people’s eyes as well. You need to select experienced commercial painters Brisbane so that you get a quality finish no matter what kind of paint you choose. Colour psychology has to be referred to when you are selecting a colour. Most buildings opt for neutral colours as they will provide visual appeal and will not highlight one company above all others. Some of the neutral colours are greys, browns and blues.

Green is a colour that gives a sense of success and growth. And many positive emotions are stimulated by yellow and red colours as they give a sense of liveliness to the building. You can use white to be minimalistic but it can be quite a general colour and the building can easily fade into the background. But you need to understand that there has to be certain uniformity to the street and there may be a colour guideline that you should adhere to as specified by the local authority. When your company owns or rents the whole building, you have more freedom about which colour to use. You can get inspiration from the colour palette of company branding and design. This can be incorporated into the exterior colour so that it gives brand identity to the building.

Your clients and visitors will be able to instantly notice the building when it has a brand colour. You can use other branding methods along with the paint as well such as prints and stickers to help the building stand out and make an impression on the passers-by. You have to look at complementary colours as well if you are choosing more than one colour. You will need to refer to the colour wheel when selecting complementary colours so that you can choose primary and secondary paint colours. But you need to make a choice in the beginning whether to blend into the surroundings or stand out from the surrounding context when you choose a paint colour. When you are painting a large building like a warehouse that has a lot of surface area, it is best to choose brand colours instead of neutrals so that it can increase the positivity of the workforce as well.

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