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What is Hot Desking in Co Working Spaces?


We’ve all heard of Co Working spaces and the important role that they play in modern life. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers all routinely flock to these social, business and entertainment hubs to build their networks while getting their work done as well. Hot desking is a phenomenon that is a result of this work fast and loose culture and is a vital part of the Co working scene.

If you’re reading this article you are probably pretty interested in co working spaces, if you’re searching around looking for the best fit for you we invite you to check out office space collingwood. The team there are more than hospitable, and the environment and facilities overall are very impressive. Back on topic, Hot desking has a wide range of benefits that include convenience and the ability to work at your own pace. But the question is still yet to be answered. What is Hot- Desking and is it the right move for you?

What is it?

Hot Desking is a workplace system where desks are not reserved or allocated for any particular employee. Instead, the desk is an open platform that can be filled in my different people on a reservation or ad hoc basis. This practice exists for the sole purpose of maximizing the efficiency of office space and to lessen unnecessary real-estate. The practice of hot desking exists in both private offices as well as in co working spaces. In fact, it is the very essence of working in a co working space. Hot- desking is a fantastic way of boosting innovation as the employee interacts with others in different fields very regularly. Thus, collaboration occurs across cultures and disciplines as well.

How do I hot desk?

It is the simplest process imaginable in a co working situation. Simply find a desk that suits you, plug in your laptop and get to working. Again, the desk is yours for however long that you paid for it and though the specifics may vary from space to space, the essentials are that you are paying for a space to set up shop and work in for a given amount of time. Some of the features that you will receive include

Power outlets

Of course, the modern way of living could not be powered by electricity and this facility is obviously a vital part of any co working experience. Hot desks are generally given a WIFI password as well as a power outlet. Of course, employees cannot be expected to go without making calls so there is a dedicated space simply for taking calls away from other members so that there is no risk of disturbing other members.

Meeting rooms

Meetings rooms are also provided by most co working spaces as meetings are required by most companies to exchange ideas and provide updates. Alongside meeting rooms, you will also be given access to kitchens snack bars etc. (in the high-end places)

Co working is a modern marvel, and hot desking is basically the very essence of it.

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