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Tips for Assessing the Quality of Clothing


You need to make sure that what you spend on an article of clothing is worth the quality of the garment. Sometimes we tend to run into issues where the purchased garment falls apart after a few washes and at this point it can be impossible to wear it again. So it is important to understand the quality of a clothing item at the point of purchasing it.

You have to be careful about where you shop. There are so many physical and online shops where you can purchase clothing. Make sure you check the reputation of the store and the reviews for the shop. You can have an idea of the reputation and credibility of an online store by taking a look at the website. When searching for a brand such as Ringers Western clothing, you can research the brand to get an idea of their quality. There are a few methods that you can use to assess the quality of clothing and durability.

Generally, clothing that is sheer will not last long unless they are made from a material like silk. But good silk clothing will not show the garments that you wear underneath. When a material is sheer, it has fewer clothing fibres and therefore, it can tear quite easily. You can check for the sheerness of the material by holding it up to the light and checking if you can see the outline of your hand through it. If you still want to purchase the item, you need to be very careful about the method of washing.

Try to pull the material apart to see if there are any gaps visible at the seams. If the garment has stitches that are placed close together, it can make for a stronger seam. This prevents splitting. But If there are loose stitches, the garment can fall apart quicker. Take some time to evaluate the seams of the garment and how they have been stitched to get an idea of its durability. If you are wearing a new pair of jeans, it can be quite uncomfortable at the beginning. This is a good indication that the material is of high quality because the jeans are heavy and stiff. This indicates a high thread count. If it has a low thread count, the jeans will be soft to the touch from the beginning. Some achieve that softness because they go through a pre-washing stage where they are washed with chemicals. But this can actually reduce their lifespan in the long run.

If you are buying a patterns clothing item, check if the pattern is matched up even at the seams. This will show high attention to detail. Another way is checking if the pattern on the front of the shirt pocket seamlessly flows from the pattern of the shirt that stops at the pocket seams. This kind of matching will take more time and it will require extra material to achieve it as well. Generally, low quality craftsmanship will skip this subtle detailing. When purchasing shirts check if there are extra panels between its shoulders that will provide extra strength to the back of the shirt. Otherwise, over time the back of the shirt can become weak because of constant wear and tear.

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