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Selecting a Lego Set for a Child


Lego is a popular toy for children as well as adults. There are a few things to consider when you are purchasing a Lego set for a child or picking out their first Lego set. You have to think about the safety of the Lego blocks and whether your child is able to play with these shapes at their age.

Legos come with different themes and collections such as Lego Ninjago sets. If the child is at an age that they have developed an interest in a character, cartoon, movie etc. you can select a Lego set that is designed according to the theme. However, the first things you have to do when on the hunt for a Lego set along with considering their interest is identify the price range you are looking for and the age of the child. There are Lego sets that are designed for certain age ranges so a child can easily play with it.

For example, Lego sets with smaller blocks are not recommended for smaller children as they will not have the dexterity to play with them and there is also a choking hazard. You have to consider the interests of the child and how they like to play. If you are giving this as a gift for a friend’s or family member’s child, you have to ask the parents about the child’s preferences. Maybe they like playing with tiny figurines or they may be interested in vehicles. There is no gender division when it comes to Lego sets. There is something for everybody whether it is superheroes, princesses, spaceships, construction vehicles, animals, dinosaurs etc.

Then there are children who are not into a specific theme but love to build things. In this case, you can select a collection of Lego bricks that they can play with to their heart’s content. You can also supplement these with some mini vehicles or figurines. There is a lot of freedom in Lego and children can explore their creativity and imagination immensely. You can also join in to get them more involved. If this is their first Lego set, they may not know what to do. Maybe the child is not at the age where they have the dexterity to join blocks. But they can still move it about and roll them into each other and build up their coordination.

Lego comes in a range of prices so you have to see what falls into the range you are looking for. There is something to fit anybody’s budget. Sometimes if the child is very young, you may not want to commit to a certain collection or a bigger set. In that case, you can select a smaller set that is budget friendly and introduce Lego to the child. You can then go from there taking cues from the child about what they like and dislike. Even if there is a set that is beyond your price range, you can wait for stock clearance or seasonal offers until it becomes affordable.

Willian Tenney
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