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How to Use Skip Bins Properly?


There are many different sizes of skip bins to suit your requirements and it is sure to make disposing of your waste a lot easier. Skip bins can be used on a small scale like residential use and at a larger scale such as in big construction sites and industries. But there are some guidelines as to how you can use a skip bin properly. You can’t just throw any kind of trash into the bin and hope for the best. Generally, when you hire a company for skip bins, they will give you instructions on how to use them and which items can be disposed of in them.

When skip bins are filled incorrectly, it creates a large inconvenience to the company and the customer will have to pay extra charges as well. While skip bins are quite spacious, you have to be careful about not overfilling them. Sometimes, customers can fill the bin to the top so that it is overflowing with waste and this makes it extremely difficult and sometimes impossible for the skip bin truck to pick up the bin. In this case, the extra waste will have to be removed and disposed of in a smaller bin. As a smaller bin has to be brought by the company, you will need to schedule another day to pick up the rest of the trash. This is why it is so important to understand the quantity of the items you are throwing away and the volume of these items so that you don’t order a bin that is smaller than what is required. A better option will be to ask the green waste disposal Geelong to give a recommendation on what you need once you have clarified the items you want to dispose of. When a bin is overfilled and the truck is unable to load it, you will be charged an extra cost by most companies for the rescheduling and the additional transportation cost.

In certain situations, the overfilled bin can be covered with a tarp but you will still be charged for the extra items. This is because all the items you dispose of into the bin will need to be sorted into what can be recycled and what has to be thrown out. And this will take some time for the workers to do. So you need to make sure that you level the bin on top and nothing is overflowing so that you are not charged extra and that it doesn’t create additional work for the company. If you find yourself running out of space in the skip bin, you can call the company about a day prior to the pickup day at the latest so you can order a smaller bin for the additional items. If you are throwing out heavy items, you can ask the company for a bin that you can walk into using a wheelbarrow.

You have to make sure that you use up most of the space given in the bin. If you are throwing out branches, it is best to cut them up into smaller pieces using a power tool or a saw so that they will fit inside the bin without creating dead spaces inside. This way, all the trash can fit snugly inside and you will be able to fit a large quantity of items as well. But before you hire the bin, in addition to the volume of the bin, ask about the height, width and length so you know the dimensions of the items that can be disposed of.

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