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Why The New Generation Opt for Vape Than Cigarettes?


The newer generation is a different breed of people that is what the older generation seems to think and observe. And in a lot of beautiful ways this in fact is true.

The new generation of today is different in their own ways, yes, we still have flaws but we are a new breed indeed. One aspect that we can statistically observe is that many younger people tend to choose vape over smoking cigarettes.


Vape kits are more aesthetically pleasing than mere cigarette sticks. With an almost infinite replaceable parts and different brands and styles, it is almost impossible to limit the beautiful design that vape kits has. As cigarettes as too simplistic, vape kits has more beauty in its designs such as there are those which are bulky and here are slim designs for those who wanted a slick classy type. As there are more vape mods for sale, then there may be more designs and types that we can see in the vape community in the future.


Vape kits with all its intricacy seems to be a more complicated device thus young people crowd towards it rather than the good old cigarettes. As young people are more prone towards complex tinkering, many opt to have vape kits because they can tinker with its parts and replace it with whatever parts the want to attach to it; it’s like an extension of play for many vape enthusiasts.


Of course, with its rocketing trend and people want to join in on the fad, many vape enthusiast try to create a status quo in their midst. Through making the commodity accessible to the rich and influential, thus creating the idea that vape kits are used by the rich and famous created a trend a status quo for the hobbyists themselves. In many countries, vaping is also considered illegal thus begins vaping as a status quo for those who oppose the norms, and this might sound familiar with the advent of cigarettes early on. 


As they assessed that vape kits including the cost of initial purchase and the cost of the juice with all its accessories are not cheap to begin with but as time progresses it was found out that vape is more cost-friendly than cigarettes. The reason for such is that you combust and consume cigarettes and then throw it away, while with vape kits and e-cigs, one just has to refill the tank with juice, recharge the whole thing and use it again.

Less Addictive

Since vape juice contains less nicotine it makes vaping less addictive than traditional cigarettes. Also, it was found out that the filters of vape act more efficiently than the ones that are on cigarettes, thus they filer more substances thus keeping the person less exposed to nicotine and also with its social clique one has lesser tendency to be hooked with nicotine than with traditional cigarettes.

As we seemed to be more sophisticated than our predecessors let us not forget that we have the same taste for similar trends we just happened to be more urbane.

Willian Tenney
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