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What to Know About Hiring a Stripper


There are many events where you can book an appointment for a stripper. There are strip clubs that you can visit to get the experience and you can also book strippers privately through different companies. But you need to be aware of the services that are provided by the strippers and what are not.

Even when they are not performing in a strip club and visiting your home to provide services, you need to be aware of certain rules that you need to follow. When you book a stripper through a company like  Busty Babes Australia, you will be given an idea of the rules to follow and what is and what is not acceptable during the party. There is a misconception of the power dynamic when strippers visit a home that you are in control of; but they are simply visiting to provide a service and in the event that they are uncomfortable or the event doesn’t go according to the plan, they are allowed to leave the premises. So the first you need to understand is how to be a good host and how to create a welcoming environment for the stripper.

There are certain things that you will have to plan such as creating an area for a stripper to perform, organizing food and drinks and discussing the schedule with the stripper. You have to ask the stripper or the company about the size of the room that is recommended for the strippers to perform in the case of more than one person. If you are planning to host the event anywhere else, you will need to be aware of the size of the room depending on the number of strippers and the type of performance. You will also need to ask the venue whether alcohol and refreshments will be provided for both the strippers and the guests who are attending the event. You also need to ask about the level of privacy provided by the venue. You will need to let them know of the nature of the event.

You can also rent a room in a hotel for this but you will need to check ahead to see if the hotel management allows strippers in rooms. There can be certain event rooms that you will be able to book as well depending on the level of privacy offered. You also need to have an idea of the level of sexiness and sauciness in the performance. This will give help you decide whether the guests are comfortable with it. If there are dangerous elements that require safety such as a performance that includes fire, then it is best to have some fire extinguishers and first aid with you in case of an emergency. In some situations there may be an escort to the strippers who will be there for safety only. Strippers will have different names as performers and they will not necessarily divulge their real identities to you. Many customers tend to ask this question but this can be an uncomfortable question to answer. So it is best not to insist on this as their performance persona is what is important for the event

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