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What to Expect When You First Meet a Divorce Lawyer?


A divorce is a difficult time for a couple as well as their children, family and friends. So you need to select a good divorce lawyer to make sure that your requirements are looked after and that you get sound legal advice. This is a very emotional time so you have to be able to look at how this affects your life as well as your children and make a decision that leads towards a favorable outcome.

A divorce lawyer is not a therapist but they have sufficient experience to deal with grief, anger and the emotional turmoil that their clients are in. They should be able to sympathise with the client and get them on board to make wise decisions regarding the end of their marriage. Divorce family lawyers Pakenham will be able to explain the situation to you and what to expect in a clear and concise way. Legal matters can be hard to understand and the terminology can be quite confusing. So they will do their best to break down the proceedings into simple explanations without you having to deal with a lot of legal jargon. You may get many recommendations from friends and family regarding good divorce lawyers but the final decision of selecting a lawyer is up to you. So you need to meet face to face with potential lawyers and assess their competency.

Once you have interviewed several lawyers and decided on one, there will be an agreement that you have to sign with them that lists out the details on who is working on your case, how payment is provided and the layout costs. When it is a large law firm, the contract will specify who is working on the case. There are different ways that divorce can play out. When one partner files for divorce, then both partners will hire lawyers to represent their side. But some couples will choose a collaborative divorce to avoid fighting the matter in court. There are also some emergency cases where there is domestic violence or financial issues. So the initial meeting will be directed according to the client’s situation.

Once a client comes in for an initial consultation, the lawyer will consider the options of divorce that are available such as divorce mediation, litigation, and collaborative law and let you know what each process entails once you go through your options, you will be able to select an option that is most favorable to you. The lawyer will ask for detailed information and they will need a lot of accuracy on what you provide. They will also get you in touch with divorce coaches, financial planners, estate lawyers etc. depending on your circumstances. They will work with other professionals so that you get a clear idea about the entirety of the divorce process. This is why it is so important that you select a competent lawyer.

So you need to make sure they have handled similar cases to yours and that they have a lot of experience in this field of law. You can also ask whether they are comfortable taking the case and you have to assess the communication between you and the lawyer.

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