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What to Consider When Selecting a Baby Shower Gift?


When you are invited to a baby shower, the first thing you are thinking of is what to give as a gift. You can be creative as you like when it comes to creating a gift for a baby but make sure that you think about the functional aspect as well.

If the new parents have included a baby registry, the best thing will be to stick to it. They will have come up with the registry after a lot of research and thought so purchasing something from the list will be incredibly useful for them. If you have something special on your mind to purchase, a good compromise is getting something from the list as well as the gift that you love. You can always personalize newborn baby gifts by adding a beautiful message or even creating something on your own.

If you have a knack for knitting, you can knit a comfortable baby blanket with the name of the newborn. You can also think about how to wrap the gifts in a unique way; you can wrap them with a cloth that will also be useful. It is also a good idea to include a gift receipt if by some chance the new parents want to exchange the gift. They may have received the same or similar present previously and having the gift receipt on hand will help them exchange it for something else that is also useful.

You may have heard that giving a gift card is not very personal but this doesn’t mean you have to disregard them completely. There will always be things for the new parents to purchase such as diapers and having a gift card on hand will be very useful. There are also certain services that you can give a gift card for such as a day’s cleaning by a cleaning service or maid, a manicure for the mother or even food delivery services.

Having a newborn can be very hard on the parents and every bit of help you can give them will be much appreciated. You can also send some gifts to the delivery room but it is best not to give bulky items as they will still have to pack everything up and bring it home. It can be an unnecessary hassle. Some examples of what you can gift to a delivery room are some favourite food that the mum enjoys and flowers. While choosing baby clothes and toys is fun, you have to think about items that will be used daily in the household such as diapers.

Giving about a month’s supply of diapers or baby wipes can be such a relief for the new parents. You can buy diapers in several sizes as the baby will use them for a long time. You can even give some cloth diapers. You can also discuss with the rest of the attendees of the baby shower to see if you can contribute to a group gift. This will be an expensive gift such as a crib for the baby or even a breast pump. You can collect money so that you can contribute to the dream crib the parents have always wanted. You can also buy the item if you are very sure of the crib they are thinking of buying.

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