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Things to Post on Your Schools Website


It isn’t always straightforward to understand what should appear on your school’s website, particularly if you haven’t been engaged in the creation of a brand-new website before now. In this article, we will discuss the components that are required to be included on your school website, as well as the significance of doing so.

1. Up-to-date, professional photographs- When potential students and their families check out your institution’s website, the initial impressions they get are quite important. How does the school appear to the students? Does it seem like the pupils are enjoying themselves in the classroom setting? All of these inquiries may have their answers provided almost immediately by good photography. Websites for schools that feature photographs that were taken by a professional photographer generally give off a considerably more favourable initial impression compared to those taken by a member of the faculty or staff using their iPhones five years ago.

2. The schedule for your school- You should expect the majority of parents to visit the school website frequently in search of important dates for their calendars, including term dates, so you should make it as simple as possible to allow them to get the information they need. This will also make your receptionists happy because it will reduce the number of emails and phone calls they receive with questions regarding dates and times.

3. A page devoted to school news- The impression that people get of your institution may be greatly improved by maintaining an up-to-date news section. Prospective students’ parents can gain a fast understanding of the kind of programs their kids will be participating in at the school, as well as what the general ambience of the institution is like daily.

In addition, parents of kids who are currently enrolled in a school will have access to a centralized website where they may check for any information on school programs and view photographs of their kids participating in school-related activities.

4. A thoughtfully produced page titled “About Us,” as well as a greeting from the School Principal- On most school websites, the pages labelled “About Us” or “Our School” are among the ones that receive the most number of visitors. It is the place in which you may effectively express your core beliefs and principles, as well as your accomplishments, objectives, and other distinguishing characteristics.

Although it’s not required at all schools, we believe that a warm greeting from the principal should be a must. Knowing a little bit about the individual in control of your child’s school is an excellent approach to start building trust with parents at an early age. Since the head of the school is responsible for setting the tone for the majority of schools, this is an important consideration.

An impressive statement from the head, followed by an approachable photo and some contact data, has the potential to establish an excellent first impression and build the groundwork for a successful partnership from the very beginning.

Willian Tenney
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