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Things To Know When You Buy a Dog Fence Online


Most of us now prefer to shop online because it is convenient, there are numerous deals, discounts and vouchers and you will not get tired checking various stores to see which one is selling the same product the cheapest.

But there are of course perils to buying online. Even the most seemingly harmless item such as a dog fence could still be the product of choice of some scammers. These lowlife felons would prey on dog lovers’ vulnerability of wanting to keep their beloved dogs safe by selling low quality fences. To avoid being a victim, know these red flags when you are searching online for dog fences.

Shop at reputable sites

When you go shopping for dog fencing that you can buy online, shop at reputable sites that are recognized for selling products specialized for pet owners. If you already have a site that you frequently shop at for other products that your dog needs, chances are they are also selling dog fences that could keep your pet (and property) safe. A dog fence is considered a necessity and you would not have a hard time shopping for one from reputable sites.

Use credit cards instead of debit cards

Even if you shop at reputable sites, it wouldn’t hurt for you to be extra careful. One of the things you could do is use a credit card instead of a debit card since with credit cards, the security for payment is higher compared to that of a debit card. A debit card is also tied up to the money in your account and scammers or hackers might gain access to this money whenever you use your debit card in untrustworthy websites.

Be wary of “too good to be true” promos

For example, a site is claiming that if you purchase a dog fence, you could get a free dog grooming station. This might fall under too good to be true promos since a dog grooming station, especially a high end one is more expensive than the dog fence.

If businesses will operate like this giving away expensive items for free after purchasing a cheaper item, then they will go bankrupt. A seemingly legitimate offer would be as an example is a free deshedding comb when you purchase a dog fence or a free dog fur conditioner after you bought a shampoo.

Purchase an item as “guest”

Of course, this could be skipped if you are already a loyal customer or if you are 100% sure of the website’s security. But if this is your first time buying from a site and you feel like you are not certain about its security, you could still shop but make sure to purchase items as “guest”. If they are asking you to make an account or to provide some information that you are not comfortable sharing, better to purchase the item in store.

As a dog owner, we are easily lured by sites selling items we think our dog would need. Nothing wrong that. Just make sure that we are giving them what they truly need such as our love and affection before focusing on other material things that they could do without.

Willian Tenney
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