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The Most Common Dental Problems That You Will Face


Dental problems are something that most of us suffer from. Having a good oral hygiene and good oral habits can prevent most of these problems. It is also a part of the overall wellbeing of a person. It’s true that some dental problems can take place even after good oral hygiene. Today let us see few most common dental issues.

Dental Caries

In simple words it is the decaying of teeth. This can be a very common problem in people. Most of us have experienced this problem at least once in our lives. When we don’t have good oral hygiene the bacteria can get deposited on the teeth and whenever there is sugary food then can produce a certain acid that can decay the teeth. It first starts in the enamel and goes towards the inner layer beneath the dentine. This can result in formation of holes in the teeth.

The most important signs of dental caries is bad breath, deposition of black or brown spots on teeth and sensitive teeth. So the major dental care for this is to access the degree of decay and do fillings. You can go to a dentist regularly to remove plaque and brushing twice a day can prevent dental caries as well.

Root Infection

Root of the teeth is the base of the teeth; this is where the blood vessels and nerves ending of the teeth is located. This most common occurs when there is cavities or cracks in the teeth. This can affect the root of the teeth and finally lead to formation of an abscess. The patients will have a long time pain. Usual activities like chewing and biting will be painful and it can be one of the major signs. Sometimes the facial tissues around these teeth can be inflamed too. It is most commonly treated by root canal treatment.


Gingivitis or gum disease is when the gums are involved. This is due to the inflammation of gums due to accumulation of bacteria. Then can eventually lead to periodontitis, the inflammation of tissues around the guns like bones and teeth. The most common cause of gingivitis is poor brushing habits and incorrect brushing habits. Sometimes the gingivitis can occur without pain an only symptoms will red swollen gums which bleed easily. Going for regular dental check-ups can be important for this.

Increased Sensitivity of Tooth

This can be a problem in most people with aging. The teeth become more sensitive when the enamel is damaged and inner dentine layer is exposed. This dentine have small pores which lead to the root of the teeth. In the root there are never ending. When hot or coot substances touch the nerve endings it causes this sensitiveness. There are different types of toothpastes which you can use in this case; you can ask your dentist for a good one for you.

The most important thing is to at least brush twice a day and visit your dentist regularly to detect these problems early and treat them.

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