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Maternity Clothing 101: Must Own Pants


Every mom-to-be get a maternity wardrobe upgrade from their second trimester onwards. This is in order to provide both the mother and baby comfort, space to grow and breathe in. From owning maternity clothes for various situation like casual wear, party wear, etc. to even simple home wear and night wear purposes, a mom on her journey towards mother hood needs it all!

The things we don’t realize however is the importance of having all the different kinds of comfortable pants during such a period. While you many think pants are a strain, tight and causes discomfort, that isn’t entirely true as there are several different pants out there that can support you through your maternity period with comfort and convenience. Getting your hands on these pants can turn out to be a worthy investment as they could even come in handy post pregnancy. Here are some of the maternity pants that we think every mom-to-be should own!

Harem Pants

This is one style that you are going to love if you’re someone who love a good comfy boho look! Not only are they loose and baggy and perfect for a good home or night wear, but you can also style it up with a t-shirt and a cardigan for casual day to day runs. Harem pants are known to be expandable and really easy to breathe in as it doesn’t restrict the growth of your baby bump.

Maternity Jeans

Who says you can’t pull of the perfect jeans look while in maternity? There are a wonderful range of jeans, be it shorts or long pants, made out there for all the pregnant moms out there. You can easily shop from the wide range of maternity pants available to get your hands on the perfect jeans to keep your fashion sense on the go even amidst being pregnant.

Yoga Pants

Like harem pants, yoga pants are also the type of pants that you can make the most out of during grocery runs and other casual errands as it is made up of stretchable, breathable and comfortable fabric. Aside from that you can also make use of it for the actual purpose and conduct your pregnancy workout or yoga sessions without feeling any restrictions or discomfort in it.


Leggings are considered to be an investment that will get you through all three trimesters without fail. It’s comfortable, stretchable and even goes with absolutely anything you want to pull it off with, making it a perfect piece of fashion statement to own. They often come with elasticized waist bands that make it easier to fit around your baby bump.

Spanx Pants

Spanx pants, although not spoken of commonly is indeed one that many pregnant mothers prefer. This is due to the fact that they’re available in various sizes with a waist band that extremely flexible and comfortable. However, keep in mind that spanx pants needs to be line dried after being washed.

Which pants is your go-to choose?

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