Maintenance Tips for Natural Stone Pool Tiles


Natural stone pool tiles are an ideal option for a poolside environment given their timeless beauty and elegance. But you will need to ensure proper maintenance of the tiles so that their aesthetic appeal can be maintained.

You can look at the selection of Pebble Masters stone pool tiles to get an idea of what suits your poolside better. You need to have a regular cleaning routine for the natural stone pool tiles so that you can ensure their beauty. You can use a leaf blower or a soft bristle brush to remove dirt from the surface of the tiles. Make sure to regularly remove debris like twigs and dirt on the floor. By doing this, you will be able to prevent debris from accumulating over the tiles and damaging them over time. You can clean the tiles at least once a week so that you can stay on top of maintenance. Maintenance frequency can be increased when you are experiencing inclement weather or when there is heavy use of the pool. The integrity of natural stone pool tiles should be preserved and to do this, a critical factor is maintaining proper water chemistry. When pH levels are imbalanced or when there is high chlorine content, the tiles can be damaged. This will cause them to be discoloured.

You have to test the pool water regularly

And adjust the pH levels so that they can be kept within the recommended range so that it is safe for the swimmers as well as the pool surfaces. You can reach out to a pool professional to learn more about maintaining optimal water chemistry so that the natural stone surfaces can be preserved for a long time. Another way to protect stone pool times from staining, moisture and other damage are by sealing them. A penetrating sealer can be applied to the stone surfaces according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The sealer can be reapplied depending on the level of use of the pool and the type of stone installed. Reapplication will ensure maximum protection for the tiles and it will also enhance the natural beauty of the stone. Its colour and lustre will be intensified as a result of this.

Harsh chemicals should be avoided when you clean natural stone pool tiles.

These chemicals can strip the sealer away and it can damage the stone surface. When choosing cleaners, you need to look for gentle pH neutral cleaners that are formulated specifically to be used on stone surfaces. You can use water to dilute the cleaner as needed and then it can be applied to the tiles with a mop or soft sponge. You have to then clean it thoroughly by rinsing it with water so that there is no residue left. Scale build-up can occur due to mineral deposits in the water. This will lead to the natural surface of natural stone pool tiles to be dulled over time. To prevent the formation of scale, you have to brush the tiles regularly with a mix of water and white vinegar. You can use a non-abrasive scrubbing pad for this or a soft bristle brush.

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