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How to start a business as a florist


Starting a flower business is not easy, but it does not require a lot of capital.  You can start your own home business tomorrow at very little start up cost.  You can start your own home business tomorrow at very little start up cost.  You will need a large water cooler and a water spray bottle to keep the flowers fresh.  You can buy flowers from wholesalers and start a flower shop or you can sell it online.

You can help bring joy to people’s lives and make their special occasions more beautiful. You can open a flower shop as well as an online store to promote your business.  You can also start the party with floral designs and everyday decorations.

Becoming a florist is not an easy task.  The flower industry needs to develop an understanding of how it works and standard costs.No special certification is required to run a flower business. Even if you do not have a professional certificate, you will have to learn and develop: Flower Design Skills, various design techniques, knowledge of flower care.  For example, you need to change the water and cut flowers that have not been sold for three days and basic accounting and accounting skills and so on. If you can not do everything on your own and do not have a budget, you can hire staff.  Many florists hire part-time employees to save money while they are still working.

As a florist you need the following:

Sharp knives for fresh stems; to make sure that you can cut the flowers according to the need and throw the rest.

Scissors; sharp scissors to cut the decorative papers and also ribbons.

Buckets and vases with flowers

Refrigerators to keep flowers fresh and increase their longevity

Delivery vehicle and personnel.  You can also work with a distribution service if you want to sell flowers in different cities. You can get a van fridge in case you had to deliver flowers to places which are far.

Bulk flower source.  You can work with farm owners and sellers or become part of florist communities.

Price structure for various flowers, bouquets, vases and decorations.  You can easily make a profit of 10% -20% if you run your business well.The location of your flower shop can have a huge impact on the number of customers you can attract.  You want to set up your store in a high growth area.

It is a competitive industry.  It can be difficult to compete with famous florists. It can be busy during busy and tiring times like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.  However, this can also happen to other businesses.  Flowers have a short shelf life, so you can suffer losses if you buy more than you sell. To be a florist, you will often have to work in the mornings as most people buy flowers at that time. 

However, selling online can help you simplify the process of marketing, ordering, shipping and revenue. You may need training in flower design and flower making, as well as accounting, bookkeeping and marketing skills to run your business.

Willian Tenney
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