How to Select a Pool Cleaner


Pool maintenance is essential to keep your pool clean and sparkling. In addition to carrying out regular pool maintenance tasks such as chemical balancing, skimming etc. it can be good to invest in a pool cleaner so that you can keep the pool clean with little effort.

You can find many pool cleaners at Aquaman Pools and these can be purchased online as well. Before you start shopping, you have to think about the type and size of your pool to decide which cleaner is most appropriate. There are also different cleaning mechanisms used by pool cleaners. There are suction side cleaners that are connected to the suction port of the filtration system of the pool. And using the suction power of the pool pump, this cleaner can then collect debris. Pressure side cleaners use the pressure that is generated by the pool pump in order to propel the cleaner around the pool. This cleaner can scrub the surfaces of the pool. There are also self-contained cleaners that are not connected to the filtration system of the pool. These robotic cleaners are powered by electricity and they have built-in motors and filtration systems in order to scrub, vacuum and filter pool debris. These will not rely on the pool pump. You can also find manual cleaners where you will need to put physical effort in order to clean the pool. Some examples are skimmers, handheld brushes and vacuums.

You have to think about the cleaning performance of the product.

Look for cleaners that come with powerful filtration capabilities and suction so that leaves, dirt, algae and any other debris in this pool can be removed effectively. You also need to consider how easy it is to manoeuvre the cleaner and its coverage area. Check its climbing ability so that you can reach all the surfaces of the pool so that a comprehensive cleaning process can be achieved. Consider the energy efficiency of the pool cleaner when it comes to the robotic options. You can check whether the unit comes with programmable cleaning cycles, features for smart navigation and variable speed settings. The unit should be able to optimise its cleaning performance so that more work is done on minimal energy consumption. You can also consider the energy efficiency of your pool filtration system and the pump if you are looking for pressure side and suction side cleaners.

The pool cleaner will also need to be maintained

So you have to think about its maintenance requirements. Check what is required for its regular upkeep. For example, it is easier to use a pool cleaner that comes with easily accessible cartridges or filter baskets so that you can empty these quickly and remove debris. This will also prevent clogging of the cleaner. You need to check whether the cleaner has durable construction and if there are replaceable parts to be found on the market readily so that you can carry out repairs easily. Make sure to compare the prices of different products to see what suits your budget as well.

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