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How to Make Your Home an Allergy-Free Zone?


Allergens can be found almost everywhere we go, whether it is outdoors or even when we’re just staying indoors. You’re lucky if you don’t suffer from allergies since it won’t be a big deal for you. However, for those people who have allergy problems, these allergens are a huge problem for them especially during peaks seasons like spring and fall.

Most people treat their allergy symptoms with over-the-counter drugs just to get relief from the discomfort they feel. It may sound convenient but taking anti-allergy drugs for a long period can have negative effects on the body just like other medications.

Although controlling the environment and the seasons are impossible, there are actually things we can do in order to minimize the allergens especially inside the house. Keep your home allergy-free with these useful tips.

Keep the Outdoors Out

The outdoors is a rich source of allergens. During allergy season, maintain the allergens to a minimum by keeping the windows and doors shut. That way, you are already minimizing the entry point of allergens into your home. If you have pets, it would be best to keep them indoors to avoid bringing in allergens when they come in and out of your home. If you went and stayed outdoors for a while, keep the allergens out by changing clothes as soon as you get in.

Keep the Dust Mites Away

Dust mites are microscopic creatures that feed off from tiny flakes of dead skin from people. They thrive a lot in the bedroom – in the mattresses, stuffed furniture, and other fluffy materials. Some people have an allergic reaction to dust mites. If you notice that you’re starting to get allergy symptoms when staying in the bedroom, these little creatures might be the culprit.

Even if you can’t see them, there are preventive measures you can do so that they won’t thrive in your home. Regular washing of beddings, cleaning the carpet and stuffed furniture goes a long way in keeping them out. Use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter to clean hard to reach areas and corners for a deep and thorough clean. You may hire professional rug cleaning Canberra for thorough clean especially if you have carpet flooring.

Detect and Destroy Mould

Moulds and mildew can cause allergy symptoms to almost anyone who suffers from allergy. They come from moist or damp spaces in your home and could spread their allergic capabilities through their spores. To avoid mould and mildew growth in your home, always keep it dry as much as possible.

They usually thrive in dark areas so it is best not to put anything that would encourage their growth on these areas, such as carpets and rugs. You may also use a dehumidifier if you notice condensation on the windows to lower the moisture content on indoor air.

Knowing the allergens that trigger your allergy symptoms is important in order for you to know where to focus in making your home allergy-free.

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