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How to have a healthy bbq with a clean grill


When it’s summer everyone wants to go on Bbq with their family and friends. Not without a good cleaning at first, but here are few advice on cleaning the bbq before and after use. Here is how to prepare it for use.

Wash manually

To complete this, carefully remove the part of leftovers if the grill is still hot, and it is the easiest time to relax. When the grill is cool enough to operate safely, use a hot water washer to clean it.  If it does not move, you may need a special bbq cleaner.  Remove it and let the grill dry immediately to prevent rust.  After it dries, you can use a kitchen towel to lubricate the grill with vegetable oil to protect it from rust.

Heat it

When it is impractical to remove the plate for washing, bacteria in it kills when it’s heated at high temperatures. If you have a gas grill, raise the burner to the highest level after cooking and preheat the grill for at least 15 minutes.  If you have a charcoal grill, the best time to do this is the next time you turn the grill on.  Make sure no residue is left from the grill. Rubbing the cooking surface with half an onion also helps remove tough stains from the pastry.

You can hire professionals to do a full cleaning of the bbq appliance at least once in a year. For this you can hire bbq cleaning melbourne.

Reasons to clean the bbq regularly

It is good for your health:  The most important benefit, of course, is health.  If you clean the grill regularly, it will remove the bacteria that has built up in the grill and that can transfer to your food.  Most importantly, it removes harmful carcinogens.

Safety: Another reason is safety.  Clean grilling reduces the risk of fire.  When cleaning the grill, you should also check its parts to prevent dangerous gas leakage from worn parts.

 When the grill is not clean some harmful substances can get into your food and then enter the digestive system.

It smells better: The smell is the same.  Just as you don’t want your vegetables to taste like steak, you don’t want them to smell like coal.

It’s tastier:  If you cooked steak the last time you grilled, you wouldn’t want your fresh, cooked veggies to taste like that steak.  When frying on a clean grill, the food becomes more delicious and leaves no aftertaste.  There are no two opinions on this issue.  Food cooked on a clean grill is tastier.

This prevents the spread of pests: Dirty grills attract insects and rodents.  Always keep the grill clean to prevent health problems.

Improves the look of bbq:  Think of a wonderful steak tossed on a dirty grill.  Not so pleasant.  Now think of the same beautiful steak, but put in a clean bbq. The clean grill promises an attractive look and more delicious food.

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