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How To Encourage Your Snake to Eat Frozen Food


There are some snakes that are picky when it comes to eating frozen thawed food. It could take numerous trial and error to find out which way works. Your pet snake might have gotten used to eating live prey but since it could be dangerous to your snake (the prey might bite or scratch your snake that could lead to infections) and inhumane (throwing a live rodent in a snake enclosure without any chance to escape) it is perhaps the time to switch to frozen food.If your snake refused to eat the frozen food, don’t be alarmed since they will eat as soon as they become hungry even if it is frozen/thawed food.

Inspect your snake’s habitat

There are several reasons why your snake is not eating. It might not only because you are offering frozen food. Make sure that your snake’s habitat is ideal for their comfort because they might not be eating because something about their enclosure is bothering them. The temperature might be too hot or too cold to their lighting. The light might be too bright or their cage is not humid enough. The size might not also be appropriate and they might feel a bit suffocated.

Other factors why your snake might not be eating

Snakes that are shedding might be eating less. Observe your snake because no matter how tempting the frozen food might be, if they are in the state of shedding, they are less likely to eat. Watch out for the common signs that your snake is shedding so you would not worry that they are not eating like they are used to. Try to feed them again the frozen food after they have shed.

If it is breeding season, some snakes stop eating. Check the breeding season of the specie of the snake that you are caring for. If it falls on the same time that they stopped eating, then you could be rest assured that they are not eating not because you have tried to feed them pre-killed prey.

Snakes that have been imported or transported could feel stressed. When they are stressed, some would even go months without eating.

If you have already checked their habitat and they don’t fall under the other factors why they might not be eating, try to offer them something else. Other owners have changed the size and colour of the frozen rodent that they are offering their snake. You can check out range of snake food here to find out what might be more appealing to your snake.

Dip the frozen food

Another way you could encourage your snake to eat frozen food is by dipping the frozen food in warm chicken broth. Not only will the frozen food be warm making your snake think it’s a live prey, the scent of the chicken broth would also be appetizing to your snake.

Caring for a snake is very different to other domesticated animals. But with proper research and by getting to know your snake a little bit more, you’d soon know its temperament and what ways are effective to get them to eat.

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