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How to Choose a Strata Specialist


Strata management is a complex task and it requires the completion of several responsibilities. You need a lot of resources to do this as well and if you don’t have sufficient time to carry out these tasks, you may not be able to satisfy the tenants. And as a strata owner, it is your responsibility to take care of the responsibilities related to the property.

Choosing Sydney strata specialists will give you some peace of mind as you will be assured the property is in good hands. There are a few things you can look for when selecting a specialist. The management of your property is a very important task so you need to take some time to research strata specialists and companies that are best suited for the role. It is very important to select a strata specialist that will be available whenever a tenant wants to get in touch with them. Tenants will be contacting the strata specialist when they need help such as with a repair or a maintenance issue that they want rectified. There has to be a solid communication method in place that allows the tenants to get in touch with the strata specialist easily. Before you select a strata specialist, you need to check the level of customer service they can provide.

It is important to know how many units are managed by the strata specialist.

Sometimes they will be managing too many units that can spread their capabilities very thin. This can cause certain tenant requests to go unnoticed. This usually happens when the strata management company prioritises profit over quality service. You also need to know how you can contact the strata specialist and vice versa as the owner of the property. There is a big financial component to managing strata as well so it is important to select a specialist that is transparent when it comes to finances. Ask them about their method of record keeping. There should be a system in place that allows them to do this easily. And they will also make sure that your financial statements are clear and easy to read using visual representation techniques. This gives the owners a better idea of how money is spent in the strata scheme.

Ask the company whether they provide monthly financial statements.

Also, check with the company about their fail safes against preventing the specialist from getting certain kickbacks from contractors. There should be internal systems in place that prevent the strata specialist from doing so along with strict rules for an anti-bribery policy. Check with the strata management about the technology they use and whether this allows for easy record keeping, making payments, viewing minutes and other important notices etc. It is easier when there is one portal to do tasks such as this. They should be a company that has been in operation for a long time which assures their experience. You also need to check for qualifications and the type of strata schemes that they have previously managed to see if they have relevant experience.

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