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How to Choose a Psychologist


It is important to make a positive choice towards your mental health and sometimes that is knowing when to ask for help. There are many professionals that can help and guide you through a difficult period of time. And in this article, we are looking at ways to choose a psychologist that suits your needs.

First of all,

You need to understand what your needs are and what kind of help you are looking for. Sometimes it can be a specific issue that you want help with. If you are feeling depressed or anxious, it can help to talk to somebody that understands what you are going through and come up with a way to help. But you may not always have a specific reason to make an appointment with a psychiatrist. You may be looking for general guidance on where you want to express your thoughts and emotions so that you can find support. You can talk to a psychologist and get more help on whatever issue you are struggling with. Sometimes we are too close to the issue and there can be things that we miss. And a psychologist can give you another perspective and help you look at an issue in a new way.

You have to look for credentials when selecting a psychologist.

They should be licensed in your state and have the right qualifications. You can check the licensing board website of your state to see the licensing status of the psychologists you are considering. You can check out the official websites of psychologists to see whether they have experience in the specific issue you are looking for help. Maybe you are looking for couples therapy; in this instance, you can look for a psychologist that offers this service and has experience with it. And if you are struggling with anxiety, you can look for a professional that specialises in such treatment. You can also see if the website gives an idea of their approach. Some tend to focus on cognitive behavioural therapy while another professional may use psychodynamic therapy. This is something you can understand in your initial consultation with the psychologist. 


It can be easier when you can find a psychologist that works closer to your home or the office. In addition to the cost of a session, you will also need to consider the cost of transport. Also, you may not feel like travelling a long time for your session which can prevent you from getting the care you need. There are also psychologists that will allow for videoconferencing so that you can speak to them from the comfort of your home. You can ask friends and family members to provide you with recommendations for psychologists. Your primary care physician can also provide recommendations. You should also trust your gut when it comes to choosing the right professional for you. If you feel comfortable in the psychologist’s presence and you feel as if you can express your thoughts without feeling judgement, then you may just be in the right place.

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