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How to Bond with an Adopted Child


Getting through the adoption process is one of the hardest and most nerve-wracking things that you can achieve. The anxiety that you feel at not knowing whether you will be given the OK or not is terrible. If you have just got through the adoption process, then congratulations! Your family finally has one more member and it can all begin to feel worth it because the child that needed a chance is at home safe with you.

However, depending on the child, they may not warm up immediately to you, and they may still feel uneasy. This article will be going over everything that you can do to assuage their fears and help them feel right at home. But if you haven’t got your child in your arms yet or need a lawyer to counsel you through the process of family law (which to be fair is a pretty complex field) then you need to hire the best of the best. This is why we have no problem recommending family law Brisbane.

Let’s talk about strategies for bonding with your adopted child. The first and most important one is that you need to establish a sense of permanence. Orphaned children often lead a life of total impermanence. They may switch orphanages frequently; they may have grown up changing schools often and without much love from their caretakers at the orphanage. They may be used to a life of abuse, where the love of the caretake dissipates at the slightest transgression. It can be absolutely heartbreaking to hear their stories. As a new parent, you must prove to them that you love them dearly, even if they have misbehaved. If you send your child these messages, then it makes it known that your love is here to stay.

You will also note that you need to be a part of their routine. A routine is something that children like to create for themselves. This is because it gives them a feeling of control and satisfaction knowing they can stick to it or break it if they please. Routine will allow your children to develop trust in you and it’s important that you play a role in them as well. You can read them a bedtime story every night or you can establish a family movie night etc. And don’t worry if their love doesn’t come immediately. Dealing with the loss of a parent is tough for any adopted child, and it can be extremely difficult for them to let go of their previous parent if they’re older than 6 months old. If they are younger than that they will probably not have much recollection of their previous parent. But the important thing to remember is that they will eventually learn to open up to you because they will eventually learn to trust you more as a figure of authority. So, there we go a few strategies that you can use to help you bond with your adopted child.

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