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Basic Guide to Different Types of Dentures


There are different types of dentures used for different functions. One person may wear more than one kind of denture in their lifetime. You can discuss with your dentist the options available to you when it comes to dentures. They will also let you know how to care for the dentures.

Dentures are used to replace teeth. And on the same day your teeth are removed, you will be given immediate dentures. These are only temporary until you get your customized new dentures. You can wear these dentures until then so that you can still eat food without putting too much pressure in your remaining teeth. There will definitely be a period of time when you are getting used to the dentures. This allows your mouth to heal. Partial dentures can be worn if you still have some natural teeth.

This way, you are only replacing the teeth you have lost. You will come across removable and fixed dentures. Removable dentures come with built-in clasps that will attach to nearby teeth. But if a fixed partial denture is used, then it will be connected to your teeth permanently. And if you need to remove any natural teeth on either side of the fixed denture, you will need to have it carried out by your dentist.

If there are no natural teeth or they have been removed from the top and bottom of your mouth, you will need complete dentures. This will rest on your gums as there is no other anchor point. The partial dentures are anchored by remaining teeth. You will have to keep your immediate dentures for about two or three months until your complete dentures are ready.

These can be removed and you are recommended to remove it every night before you go to sleep. You also need to clean them after you take it out of the mouth. Complete dentures are made of acrylic or porcelain. And the best thing about them is that your smile will be restored again and you will have new confidence. You can find economic dentures that are not customized to your mouth but they are a cost-effective alternative. They may be a little uncomfortable and not resemble natural teeth very much. This is why many people tend to prefer custom dentures. Even though they are expensive, they look very realistic.

Many people are self-conscious when they have missing teeth but this is no longer a worry due to the use of dentures. And with modern dentistry, it can be very difficult to tell whether you are wearing dentures or not as they tend to look very realistic and match your actual tooth color.

If you take care of your complete dentures properly, you will be able to use them for about a decade maximum. There are also dental implants that can be placed into the jawbone to support a false tooth. There are also overdentures that sit on the gums and use dental adhesive to attach to the mouth. You can use them on the top or bottom jaw.

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